You Won’t Believe How This ONE Small Thing Can Have a BIG Impact on Getting Your Home Sold!

Having showings and getting a low offer on your house can be frustrating! Worst though is not getting any offer from the buyers who just walked through your house. It can leave you wondering “What’s wrong with my house?” Well, the problem could be a small problem that can have a big impact on getting your house sold!

I'm going to tell you the one thing I hear most often from buyers as a problem. And you may think there's just one simple solution, but that one problem can have two, two negative impacts on your home. And I'm going to give you my one ultimate solution to take the two negatives and turn it into three positives to help you get your home sold. So, stick with me.

We're going to talk today about the one thing that can have two negative impacts on your home and my ultimate solution to give you three positive impacts on the sale of your home. As a real estate agent, I have shown hundreds of homes. Hundreds!


I have been in a lot of homes. Before I show a home, before any real estate agent shows a home, we will go through and we will open the blinds and we will open the curtains and we will turn on all the lights. Because we want to bring more light into the room. The more light you have into your house, the bigger the rooms feel, the more inviting your home is.


I get frustrated as an agent because I can immediately tell you if there's going to be these two negative impacts. Already I got to solve this problem before my buyers show up when I go through a house. And when a buyer comes in and this problem exists, I hear the two negatives.

First off, is something as simple as burnt out light bulbs. Now, before you go anywhere, don't run away and say, "Oh, I just got to change my light bulbs," because I'm going to give you my ultimate solution for that. So, first impression that it gives the first negative is the rooms feel smaller, they feel dark and uninviting.


I've had buyers just get maybe two rooms in and they just don't care. They don't want to be there. So they want to go. The second negative that it gives is, "Well, if they're not going to change a light bulb, what other maintenance have they not done? If they're not going to do something as simple as change a light bulb, what bigger maintenance issues is this house going to have?"


So, immediately the buyer is thinking offer a low price, okay or make no offer at all. Because before home inspections, before termite inspections, before anything, before an appraiser shows up or anything, they're already thinking this house is worth less.


So, yes. The simple solution is to change your bulbs, but there is an ultimate bulb that I recommend. The one recommendation I have can take those two negatives and turn them into three absolute positives to help you get your home sold.

GE makes this, and it doesn't have to be GE brand, but they make this one it's called GE LED basics. It is an LED replacer light bulb. It looks just like regular light bulbs, it has the same fitting. So you don't have to change out your fixtures. You just have to change the bulbs, but this one light bulb does three things to improve the saleability of your house.


The first thing that it does is it emits this blue light. And a blue light is a daylight. So it's bringing daylight into your house. Which is going to brighten it up, it's going to make it more appealing, and it's going to make the rooms feel bigger. This is especially important if you're selling a smaller home.


The second thing that makes these bulbs great is they have an average life of six years. Six! That means if you just change these bulbs out right before putting the house on the market, you're going to save buyers time because you're going to lower their maintenance requirement on the house because they will have to change the bulbs less often. And we live in a busy world, busy, busy, busy. You've got to go to soccer practice, basketball practice, football practice, cheerleading practice, meet the parents for dinner, trying to schedule vacation, going to work. It's crazy! Save them time!


The third thing that this bulb does is the buyer will save $42 on average per bulb for the life of the bulb, so it's energy efficient. So, before you even list your house for sale, before you call your agent, run through your house and change out your bulbs. Change them to an LED light bulb replacer that has a six year lifespan and an energy efficient.


Then when your agent gets this listing ready, they can write in the description that it has energy efficient LED lighting. Buyers look for that!


The result is potential buyers are going to say, "Well, the rooms look bigger," or, "The rooms are brighter." "The house is well-maintained." And you're going to get a better price on your house.
So, before anything, run through that house real quick, change out all your bulbs. You're going to see a big difference in the brightness of your house. It's going to feel more inviting to yourself and it's going to definitely be more inviting to your potential buyers to help you get your home sold.


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