If you live in East Marion County, Florida, or are looking to buy a home in East Marion County, Florida, then listen up, because this video is for you. Hi, I'm Rhonda Walker with Xcellence Realty. And today I'm coming to you to talk about the flood insurance changes.

If you're moving to an area or currently have a home that is near water or in an area that might be flooding, then the national flood insurance program, as of April 1st, has been changing some of its premiums. So although Florida is the lowest priced premiums across the United States for flood insurance, 80% of Floridians will be looking at a 20% increase in your flood policy. So check with your insurance provider. 20% of you may even see a decrease or your home may have moved out of a flood zone.

How's that possible? Well, the flood insurance program, they have an application where you can click and go put your address in and check to see what your flood status is. If you are in an A or an AE, that means that you have a special flood status and will need flood insurance. Now, they're changing some of their flood mapping systems by using not just the [plat 00:01:10] map in the actual 100 year flood plain issues, but they're looking at the elevations and the topography of everything around it. And in addition, they're using some future data predictors for catastrophic events that will actually help to either lower your insurance, or it might even actually raise it.

So if you are looking to buy in Marion County, of Salt Springs, Lake Kerr area, Fort McCoy, Salt Springs, Ocklawaha in East Marion county, or if you live in these areas, then you will to click the link below and put in your address and see if you need flood insurance. Because if you do, you want to get with your insurance provider, because your normal homeowner's insurance will not cover a flood, and you'll need a separate policy for that. And make sure that the property gets the maximum amount on your flood insurance. The national flood insurance program will cover up to $250,000 in rebuilding of the home and up to a $100,000 worth of contents on the inside. So make sure you get the right policy. Shop around too. Don't just check with your insurance provider. Check with two or three, because you may end up finding out that, guess what? You can get a better price somewhere else.

I'm Rhonda Walker with Xcellence Realty. I appreciate you taking the time to listen to me today, and I hope that you have a great day. Be sure to click the link and go check to see if you need flood insurance.

Check your flood status by visiting: FEMA FLOOD MAPS

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