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A flair for marketing, a dedication to serving others, an outstanding work ethic and a deep passion for education are the trademarks of Rhonda Walker’s real estate career. Rhonda doesn’t take anything for granted and believes every day brings new opportunities and challenges to mold her career.

As early as her first days in the business, Rhonda, a listings specialist, has applied innovative techniques to real estate marketing and business development. “I’ve always been an out of the box thinker,” she says, explaining that she hit the ground running, earning the Rookie of the Year Award with her brokerage after leaving her first career as a college and community educator to work exclusively as a REALTOR®. “I dove into my real estate career and did as much education, research and training as I could in order to set myself apart from the others,” says Rhonda, who at the time already held both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. “I’ve done things differently than other agents, marketing from a different perspective and using technology in a way that helps me stay ahead of the curve.” When other agents grew frustrated with the COVID19 pandemic, for instance, Rhonda found inspiration. “I decided to put a credential behind my skill and became a Certified Digital Marketing Expert so I could help people maximize their online presence.”

Her multiple designations and her consultative approach to client relations prove that, if there is something to learn, Rhonda will embrace it. Fortunately, she does not keep her education to herself; she recently began sharing her conviction in continuing education with local home sellers. “I’m in the process of developing a self-guided webinar for first time home sellers in the South Central Kentucky region,” she says, explaining that for every first time home buyer who had questions when buying a home, they eventually become a first time home seller with just as many questions. After all, she says it’s more important now than ever for sellers to hire agents who are up to date with technology and marketing strategies to help them sell their home in a digital age. “The more every seller knows, the better off they will be,” she says. “And the more education each seller gets, understanding pricing strategies, marketing and home selling tips, the better we can do together as a team to get their home sold.”

Rhonda places such great importance on marketing in a digital age. “Many agents will say they use digital marketing technology, but typically that means slapping a home on Facebook and hoping for the best,” says Rhonda noting that not every agent uses technology correctly to effectively maximize a home’s probability of selling.” Every house gets the full marketing package, whether priced at $150,000 or $500,000. Before a home is listed, Rhonda conducts professional HDR photography, videography, 360 degree virtual photography and drone photography; she then produces property-specific websites and four-page color brochures. “My digital marketing gets the maximum exposure with SEO techniques and enhanced online placements. I am also doing target specific marketing and text-message marketing from home specific signs and brochures,” she explains that “each property I list gets its own text number on the signage and all the marketing material for that specific home. If someone sends a text, they are given all the details of the home and we are able to capture them as a prospective buyer for your home,” she goes on to say “this is not the same as a generic text number that sends a message to the listing agent with non-specific information about a property. This is text savvy to a whole new degree of marketing.”

All of this effort helps Rhonda achieve her principal objective – pleased clients. “I love being able to educate clients and to help people achieve their goals,” she says. “It’s about the client, not the money,” Putting her clients first, Rhonda says “I know that as long as I am taking great care of my clients, the rewards will come.”

As a former community educator, the community holds a special place in her heart; one of her goals is to help programs continue to provide community education regarding Autism by donating a portion of commission proceeds from every transaction to Autism Speaks. “Having personally met Temple Grandin on three different occasions, and with friends who have autistic children, I have seen how programs such as this help children of autism embrace who they are and grow incredible inner strength and the capacity to overcome social norms to become productive and respected adults. They are an inspiration that with passion and a belief in oneself you can overcome anything. I am pleased my brokerage has partnered with Autism Speaks. I feel my contribution, no matter how big or small, help them continue to provide education and resources to families of autistic persons.”

Additionally, as a resident of Franklin, Kentucky she gives back to her local community by being an active member of the Realtors Association of Southern Kentucky and volunteering time to REALTORS Hope for Hunger, a program to raise donations of food and deliver to the Simpson County School system in order to help them provide food to school aged children during the times when school is out of session for extended periods of time, such as summer break and most recently the COVID19 shutdown. “I want to keep helping people in whatever way I can,” she says, confirming a running premise behind her real estate business model.


  • Real Estate Professional specializing in Residential Properties
  • Maintaining exceptional relationships with clients, colleagues, real estate professionals and strategic business partners
  • Ambitious self-starter with experience in negotiation and mediation,
  • Advise clients on real estate market trends and demographic patterns
  • Business development and growth based on quality referrals and brilliant client feedback
  • In charge of marketing on and offline, canvassing target markets and pre-qualifying leads


  • NAR Certified Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS)
  • NAR Certified Advanced Digital Marketing Expert (ePro)
  • NAR Certified Pricing Strategies Advisor (PSA)
  • FAA Certified Licensed Remote Unmanned Aerial System Pilot
Markets Served:
Primary Residential Markets: 
    Allen, Barren, Edmonson, Logan, Simpson and Warren Counties
Second Home, Vacation Markets:
    Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, Lake Malone, Barren River Lake, Nolin Lake

If you are looking for a real estate agent in South Central Kentucky to list your home for sale or help you buy your dream home, Rhonda has you covered.

For more information about Rhonda Walker,

Visit: RhondaWalkerRealtor.com

email: DreamHomesByRhonda@gmail.com

or call 270.901.9439


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About Rhonda

Rhonda Walker, REALTOR®

A flair for marketing, a dedication to serving others, an outstanding work ethic and a deep passion for education are the trademarks of Rhonda Walker’s real estate career.

Rhonda doesn’t take anything for granted and believes every day brings new opportunities and challenges to mold her career.


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